Noupops is constituted as an ONG. Through our network of voluntary weavers we weave pulpitos solidarios to crochet in an altruistic way. All our solidarity pulpitos are delivered in hospital centers free of charge and under rigorous security controls. *THEY ARE NOT SOLD* 

It is a SOLIDARY PRODUCT, any misuse could be sued judicially.


We weave solidarity inspired by the original project Danes born in 2013 (with more than 33,000 octopuses delivered) by the hand of Spruttegruppen DK.

The pattern is for private use only. 

Your SALE and that of the crochet pulpitos as a product in part or in its entirety is PROHIBITED


Hand woven in first quality yarn, 100% cotton, sanitized, bagged and sealed.

 The NOUPOPS solidarity pulpitos pass strict security and quality controls that guarantee their hospital use and are never delivered to the hospital without first going through NOUPOPS. 


 Denmark, the pioneer and forerunner of this project, has appointed us faithful official successors in Spain and South America. 

Currently Noupops ONG has agreements with more than 35 hospitals and we have already delivered more than 4000 solidarity pulpitos. 

Collaborate with NOUPOPS 

If you feel the project and you want to collaborate in a direct way with this beautiful initiative, do not worry, not knowing how to knit is not a problem, you just have to go to an official NOUPOPS collection point and donate materials. 

Your balls or stuffing will reach the magical hands of one of our solidarity pulpers and will transform in your name those materials in a solidary pulpit NOUPOPS able to comfort the premature babies of the different  UCIN's  of our country. 

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